Even More…

 A range of services to help you execute marketing plans and activities as needed. 

In a broad and varied marketing career, I have picked up knowledge and expertise in various aspects of marketing and communications, so in addition to my ‘core’ services, I can also help with the following:


Although I am not a ‘classically trained’ PR professional, I’ve secured coverage in trade magazines and national & local newspapers for bands I’ve worked with by crafting well written press releases. If you need ad-hoc PR support, I can help.

Direct mail

I have written, managed the design of, and arranged distribution of direct mail that gets results. Whether you need sales, appointments or something else, direct mail can be an effective tactic.

Agency Managament

The key to getting the best out of an agency is down to the relationship you have with them. Most agencies will give you an account manager, but if you can’t give them the time too, that is normally where issues occur. I’ve worked with agencies for design, print & distribution, telemarketing, social media, PPC and more – so know the power of a good relationship and a great brief!

Market & customer research

Knowing how and where to position your business can often be a challenge. But in this crowded world, it’s essential to know your competitive advantage, your point of difference, your USP, and how that benefits your target audience. Often, market and customer research can help you do that effectively – saving time, money and effort in the long run.

Tender & bid writing

I have managed the tender process – or simply written sections or answers – for contracts from pharmaceutical companies, Local Authorities and the NHS. Co-ordinating responses from multiple teams can be difficult – but piecing them all together to blend writing styles, tone of voice and a present your key messages in a consistent manner is the real challenge! I’ve helped businesses win contracts for home healthcare nursing, to installing traffic lights!

Website development

From working with large agencies to redevelop 4 websites concurrently, to designing, building & managing websites in-house using platforms like WordPress, I’ve successfully worked with websites throughout my career – and understand the tricky balance of writing for at least two audiences… your human customers and Google’s robot.


Throughout my career I have built up a network of trusted colleagues, freelancers, specialists and agencies. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, I can bring them in as needed – but always with complete transparency and approval from you, my client. This means that I can help you with larger projects that might be bigger than one person. I also play nice with others, meaning I can fit seamlessly into your roster of agencies.

Chris Rogers | Caesar Marketing
Hi, I'm Chris Rogers, a freelance marketing pro.
If you're missing marketing expertise or the time & resources to do it - maybe I can help.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

How can I help?

Strategy & Planning

Create your strategy, brand & comms plans, define your KPIs & keep track of progress.

Project Management

Rebrand, product launch or new comms channel? Additional support to deliver a result.


Writing for blogs, articles & ebooks – and strategies for publication & distribution.

Digital Marketing

Social media, email, website copy & marketing automation for your online marketing.

Event planning

Ensure your seminars, workshops, roundtables & conferences are well attended.

Even more...

A range of services to help you execute marketing plans and activities as needed.