Digital MArketing

 Social media, email, website copy & marketing automation for your online marketing. 

Digital marketing has radically changed the way brands interact with their customers. Today, it’s critical that every business has its own digital strategy.

How I can help:

Social media

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or to drive sales, there is more than likely a social media platform (or two!) that will allow you to connect with your target audience.

And whether you love it or hate it, social media is now a cultural norm, and it’s often the first place people go to source news, contact brands, find information & reviews and so much more. If you need help creating content and managing your channels, I can help.


Occasionally you’ll hear from a marketing Nostradamus telling us that the latest marcomms channel is “an email killer” – but how has email marketing has survived these many health scares? Because it works.

Whether you need to start from scratch by building a list or need email templates designed to give your brand a refresh, I can help.

Website copy

Does your website have a high bounce rate? Are you lost on page 97 of Google? Or is your site just not converting visitors into customers? If you need your website to perform better, I can help. Armed with an SEO qualification from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, I can write the content that gets results.

Marketing automation

Make your website work harder for you. In its simplest form, marketing automation can help you reduce repetitive tasks, such as sending out a series of emails once the visitor has completed a form on your website. Getting more advanced, it can help you combine and manage tasks in email, social media and your website. Setting up these workflows can be complex, but I can help.


Throughout my career I have built up a network of trusted colleagues, freelancers, specialists and agencies. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, I can bring them in as needed – but always with complete transparency and approval from you, my client. This means that I can help you with larger projects that might be bigger than one person. I also play nice with others, meaning I can fit seamlessly into your roster of agencies.

Chris Rogers | Caesar Marketing
Hi, I'm Chris Rogers, a freelance marketing pro.
If you're missing marketing expertise or the time & resources to do it - maybe I can help.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

How can I help?

Strategy & Planning

Create your strategy, brand & comms plans, define your KPIs & keep track of progress.

Project Management

Rebrand, product launch or new comms channel? Additional support to deliver a result.


Writing for blogs, articles & ebooks – and strategies for publication & distribution.

Digital Marketing

Social media, email, website copy & marketing automation for your online marketing.

Event planning

Ensure your seminars, workshops, roundtables & conferences are well attended.

Even more...

A range of services to help you execute marketing plans and activities as needed.