Content Writing

 Writing for blogs, articles & ebooks – and strategies for publication & distribution. 


Blogging can help you improve your SEO to attract new website visitors, be seen as an expert and increase customer engagement, loyalty and sales. By guest blogging for other websites, you expose yourself to a new audience, too.

Writing for publications

The right trade publication is ideal for reaching your target market and building your authority in your sector – placing you ‘front of mind’ when they need your products and services. I have written creative, engaging articles that bring products and services to life, and been published in numerous trade magazines.

Thought leadership

High value content marketing can generate press coverage, increase brand awareness, raise your profile, build credibility & trust – and generate leads. I’ve written thought leadership papers and that have done just that.

Publication, distribution & automation

Writing the content is just the start, of course – and in many respects, the easy bit! Making it work hard for you is the challenge. That’s where publication, distribution and marketing automation comes in. After all, you can have the best ebook in the industry, or the most insightful blog posts in the sector, but if they don’t generate any leads for you, they’ve failed.

There are numerous strategies to support this, such as pitching to the press or trade magazines, link building and paid ads – and I can advise you on the most effective and appropriate route for your content. Then once you have your website visitors (for owned content, for example) I can help you set up workflows and automation to capture leads, nurture them and turn them into customers.


Throughout my career I have built up a network of trusted colleagues, freelancers, specialists and agencies. Depending on the specific requirements of each project, I can bring them in as needed – but always with complete transparency and approval from you, my client. This means that I can help you with larger projects that might be bigger than one person. I also play nice with others, meaning I can fit seamlessly into your roster of agencies.

Chris Rogers | Caesar Marketing
Hi, I'm Chris Rogers, a freelance marketing pro.
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How can I help?

Strategy & Planning

Create your strategy, brand & comms plans, define your KPIs & keep track of progress.

Project Management

Rebrand, product launch or new comms channel? Additional support to deliver a result.


Writing for blogs, articles & ebooks – and strategies for publication & distribution.

Digital Marketing

Social media, email, website copy & marketing automation for your online marketing.

Event planning

Ensure your seminars, workshops, roundtables & conferences are well attended.

Even more...

A range of services to help you execute marketing plans and activities as needed.